I remember my 16th birthday. On that day my father placed a camera in my hand for the first time. It was heavy. A Minolta. It demanded respect. It told me it needed me to put away my teen clumsiness. This wasn’t the family holiday snap camera. This was my window to steal moments from time that I loved, and hold them still forever. 


And so, that shy 16 year old, started to express herself in this new exciting and immediate art-form. Armed with young eager eyes, and a roll of black and white film, I was able to show people what I meant instead of trying to find the feeling in words. To tell stories. To hone my eye for the fine detail. To understand how to capture the essence of a story;  allowing an image to resonate. That Minolta is still my favourite camera; and family and loved ones aside, my most prized possession. Of course, technology has moved on, and I’ve used many different cameras, but my Minolta still teaches me new tricks, and demands of me professionalism, respect and the need to always keep my eyes eager.


Today; still eager eyed, I absolutely love to make images that are truthful, meaningful, and tell the first part of your story, and your loved ones who have brought you here.  Seeking out those intimate moments; capturing the honesty, emotion, focusing on subtlety rather that fanfare.  Loving those quiet interactions; the laughter and tears;  those natural photos of people so lost in their moments they don’t realize they are being photographed.  The moments that when brought together make up the jigsaw of intimacy and sincerity that gives them a poetic and emotional simplicity.



"I love telling stories with my camera and there is no story I find more interesting or compelling than that of love. The pinnacle of our human experience. To capture that paired back, vulnerable, no place to hide love for another person"

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Finding someone you are comfortable with, and who can capture the magic you want in a photograph, can seem overwhelming. There are so many photographers. Each with a different eye and approach. The question can really only be answered by your eyes.


So now we come to the point where I let my photographs do the talking. Please have a look at them. If you like my eye, and are excited by what I will bring to your day, then please get in touch. I know I can bring something special to the memories of your precious day.


Send me an email, tell me about you and who you love.  Let’s talk, let’s start your story.

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